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Ferraro Orthodontics has been manufacturing high quality orthodontic appliances since 1978; founded by Peter J. Ferraro and wife Barbara in the basement of their home in Newmarket Ontario.

Now in 2011 Peter is no longer with us but his legacy continues.

The business is now being run by Peter’s sons Drew and Mark. The boys firmly believe in delivering the same high quality product as well as maintaining excellent customer service.

The lab has since moved from the basement to a larger more modern facility. From this location Drew and Mark along with their staff continue to grow their father's dream.

From our location in Newmarket we are centrally located along the 404 and 400 corridor. Using a private driver along with courier services we are able to easily provide pick-up and delivery service to all our customers in their various regions.

  • We pride ourselves on providing top quality orthodontic appliances in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Our staff is highly trained and skilled to help meet all our customer needs.
  • We regularly upgrade our equipment and materials to stay up to date with the most modern practices of orthodontic technology.
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